REALITY CHECK: On the Deception of “Good intentions”

“The foreigners love all these images of poor people to sell, to make Money” –

“We want justice for all those who live in tents, while the NGO’s make millions”

” We are telling the States and the NGO’s: You’ve made Money for one year – We’ve been in tents for one year – people have sent millions to help us, but nothing has been done” – “NGO’s can’t really develop or help develop the country – in Fact they make the country even poorer”

This Clearly shows how there is no functioning International Community or Aid/charity organizations that are Actually Functioning – Still people in the West Justify the Abdication of Self-Responsibility through giving money to these organizations, without fully Investigating what they spend their Money on – Haiti is a small country that is easily accessible – With the Money donated, the entire country could have been re-build and instead they are now dying from cholera for no reason, while aid workers cash in – This should serve as a fucking Reality Check for All those that believe that “someone else” takes Care of it – That the governments and aid organizations know what they are doing and are the one’s Responsible for Assisting these people to rebuild a society that already was one of the world’s poorest and most politically unstable societies.

The root of the problem is the accepted Inequality and indifference of each western citizen towards the rest of the World – which is why Self-Responsibility for the Whole, as this World and ALL PEOPLE is the Solution to Stopping the Suffering and Abuse that is currently being Accepted – So what do we do?

At Desteni we suggest a Re-Education of Ourselves, wherein we Face the Brutal Fact that we have in deed been indifferent, even and when we have believed not to be, when we have believed ourselves to Care. We are doing this through the Desteni I Process, wherein we Support Ourselves and Each other to Start Living according to the Principle of what is Best for All, instead of Surviving within and from Self-Interest as Personality and Preference –

Through this we Start taking ACTive Self-Responsibility for and as this World – We Suggest to Create an Equal Money and Equality Politics System – where we at a Global Scale, Create a System that is Based on the Principle of What is Best For All on a Practicable, Livable Level based on the Simple Fact that Everyone has an Equal Right to Life – a System  based on each of us starting to take Self-Responsibility for and as This World.

Thank you

One response to “REALITY CHECK: On the Deception of “Good intentions”

  1. None of the aid has gotten to Hait- images that show such tent maze where people live in are the clear proof that whatever has been compiled as aid hasn’t touched a single person there. Cholera appeared due to them having to live in this perma-interim tent-maze with no proper sewage – people going there say the odor is simply unbearable – people try to wash themselves though it’s obvious that’s impossible – people really do have the will to live – specially kids – but, once again money is deciding the life factor over another – simply another revelation of human nature allowing their fellow brother to fall, to die in extreme unsanitary conditions with no potable water, with no proper shelter or food.

    Haiti is proof that greed is still the most powerful and vile human motive existent, able to overlook the most hideous human conditions for the sake of one’s own pockets.

    This has to stop – thanks for exposing Anna

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